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Offres promotionnelles Mafell MAFELL ERIKA 85 Scie à tirage sous châssis

MAFELL ERIKA 85 Scie à tirage sous châssis

scie de table appréciée des menuisiers et des artisans du bois ambitieux &squf ; longueur de traction : 430 mm &squf ; inclinable de -3 à 48° &squf ; Ø de la lame de scie : 250 x 30 mm

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  • Marque: MAFELL
  • Nº: MAF-1P0273
  • Poids: 49,5 kg
3 598,80 EUR
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push-pull saw Mafell ERIKA 85

Popular on site and in the workshop

The Mafell Erika table hauling saw is probably one of the best known mobile table saws in the woodworking trade and among many private woodworkers. The Erika can be used on construction sites, as well as the workshops of woodworkers with high demands on technology and performance.

Caractéristiques techniques

  • Cutting height: from -1 to 85 mm
  • Cutting height at 45°: from -1 to 60 mm
  • Pivoting range: from -3 to 48
  • Pull length: 430 mm
  • Saw blade Ø: 250 x 30 mm
  • Work surface table top: 525 x 915 mm
  • Working height without stationary equipment: 415 mm
  • Working height with stationary equipment: 890 mm
  • Nominal idle speed: 1,900 - 3,800 rpm
  • Nominal power consumption: 2,500 W
  • Weight: 34,5 kg
  • Universal motor: 230 V / 50 Hz

Avantages Produit

  • New suction hood with LED lighting for illumination of the cutting area
  • More comfortable saw blade change thanks to new lower protective hood
  • Removable splitting wedge for plunge cuts
  • New profile for the multi-function fence, including clamping piece
  • Efficient extraction through a new type of dust channel for even less dust during work.
  • Lightest push-pull sawin its class - for fast and effortless transport.
  • Always the right setting - adjustable speed for individual processing of wood, plastics or aluminium profiles.
  • More safety: With voltage drop switch to prevent uncontrolled restart after a power interruption.
  • Intuitive: The operation of the ERIKA leaves no questions unanswered. Clearly designed operating elements are all logically located at the front of the machine.
  • Application areas: Cross and longitudinal cuts; table circular sawing function, bevel cuts up to 48°
  • Materials: solid wood, panel materials, parquet and laminate, aluminium profiles, plastic
  • With CUprex high performance motor
  • The integrated Quickstand puts the ERIKA on 4 stable aluminium legs within seconds. Protective rubber stoppers on the legs also prevent slipping or Corner.
  • Thanks to the E-control control electronics and the corresponding original MAFELL saw blade, it is possible to cut not only wood but also other materials such as plastics or aluminium profiles process.
  • Further plus points for the ERIKA 85: Extremely stable table profile, swivel range from -3° to 48°, a lowerable splitting wedge and the maximum cutting length of 430 mm.


  • 1 Suction set with 2 nozzles
  • 1 saw blade hm 250 x 2,8 x 30 mm, Z 40, WZ for universal use in wood
  • 1 attachment kit wheels mounted
  • 1 Multi-function fence MFA with switchable angular detent
  • 1 push stick
  • 1 clamping piece
  • 1 Allen Key6 mm
  • 1 Quickstand
  • 1 connection cable 4 m


  • mafell erika 85 underfloor pull saw

    See MAFELL's unique underfloor pull saw in action (German).

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MAFELL ERIKA 85 Scie à tirage sous châssis
Livraison sous 3 à 8 jours ouvrés
3 598,80 EUR*
3 420,00 EUR *